"Recently some of our parishioners read the article ‘Consecration By the Pew-ful' in the National Catholic Register. As you know, a book you wrote called The Echo of God was mentioned in the article. Some in the parish have expressed an interest in reading this book...."
B.D. (Canada)


March 27

Who will so advance as to make the true devotion his habitual state? (no. 119)


This website is dedicated to teaching and promoting the lifestyle of true devotion to Jesus through Mary. The idea of true devotion became popular by the writings of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, an 18th Century priest and mystic, whose apostolic labors included preaching parish missions in France. St. Louis believed that a renewal in Catholic life involved the frequent renewal of one's baptismal promises and that Mary is the surest way to holiness because she alone can lead one the most perfectly to Jesus, her Son.

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